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The 5 most sustainable luxury brands

Currently, it is undeniable that we need a deep awareness of the environmental impact of our actions, our consumption habits and, of course, what we buy and sell.

The war against plastic is already a reality and many businesses have joined the initiative to promote more environmentally friendly alternatives, such as the use of paper and cardboard in packaging.

In that sense, luxury brands are not going to be an exception. At the time, many famous names resonated strongly in the environmental movements for the use of animal skins in their clothing and accessories.

However, global awareness has been of such magnitude that many of the luxury brands that were once criticized are now pioneers in the use of sustainable and planet-friendly materials.

Do you want to know which luxury brands are among the most sustainable today? So stay, we are going to list 5 sustainable luxury brands worthy of being an example to follow:

marcas lujo sosteniblesGucci. veteran sustainable luxury brand

Regarding sustainability, Gucci has been launching ecological consumption initiatives in its products since 2010.

Without going any further, it already started using FSC-certified paper in 2010, launched ecological glasses made with castor oil in 2011, and began a fight for the materials of its fashion elements to become 100% organically farmed. and sustainable.

It is currently promoting initiatives with local communities for greater integration of society in terms of ecology and health. Without a doubt, a benchmark in sustainable luxury brands.

Versace and its path to sustainability

marcas lujo sostenibles

Already in 2018, the Italian fashion firm promised to stop using animal skins in its pieces, especially kangaroo skins, which was its star material.

In the wake of the recent green movement, Donatella Versace herself stated that she “didn’t feel right killing animals to make fashion” and began introspective work in order to record what the life cycle of all her products was like and ways to improve and optimize processes for a greener future.

In addition, for some years now it has been participating in the Working Group on Sustainability of the Carrera Nazionale della Moda Italiana (CNMI) to approve standards on chemical safety, as stated on its own website.

Louis Vuitton and the COVID – 19 crisis

marcas lujo sostenibles

The Louis Vuitton brand was one of the first to be put into action as a result of the health situation caused by the coronavirus. He gave up his workshops and work studios in Paris to start making medical gowns (which passed all the necessary controls to be considered valid in the health field).

In addition, Michael Burke, the CEO and president of the brand, insists on the circular economy, worrying about developing ecological designs with which to promote responsible consumption of energy and resources.

Burberry and its shift towards ecological commitment

marcas lujo sostenibles

One of the brands that has caused the most controversy in ecological matters has been Burberry. In 2018, a huge scandal broke out as a result of its annual report, where it specified that it had burned 28.6 million pounds of material out of season.

The community did not take long to pronounce itself on the matter with harsh criticism, to which the brand defended itself alleging that in this way it “protected its value proposition and its intellectual property”. This, of course, brought him reproaches in multiple ways. Among them, it was considered a disregard for the work of its employees and a waste of limited resources.

Even with this scandal, the firm has actually been collaborating for the future of sustainability for more than 10 years. It highlights its social commitment and action plan of 2004, in addition to initiatives such as the carbon neutral parade in 2019.

Despite its infamous due to that scandal, Burberry has overhauled its sustainability policy a lot and deserves a spot on the podium of responsible luxury brands.


marcas lujo sosteniblesMichael Kors bets strongly on renewable energies

In its sustainability plan, Michael Kors is a great defender of the use of renewable energy in each of its production processes.

In fact, it is undertaking a comprehensive review from the way it collects raw materials to the most sustainable way to dye its fabrics. Its goal is to become 100% carbon neutral and use 100% pure renewable energy.

As he himself expresses: “We all have a responsibility and a role to play in terms of sustainability.”


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