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Essential keys to dress with style

Likewise, the brilliant French designer Coco Chanel emphasized: “beauty begins with one’s own decision.” That is, the true importance when it comes to dressing with style is to think above all of ourselves before others. style is something mystical and to which not everyone dedicates a space in their day to day.In this sense, it translates into a way of being or personal expression.In short, into a certain attitude.

However, not all fashion styles are related to dressing well. In fact, for oneself it can be something attractive and for others not. Therefore, there are many trends. Each of us has our own personality, which may lead to elegant or other style.

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The keys to dressing with style

Yes, it all depends on the clothes, but above all on how and why we create that particular wardrobe that we organize with so much in our closet. Based on that, we will reflect an urban style for women, more classic, more extravagant, more informal, etc.

Perhaps we already have a defined style with which we usually dress well every time we go out to some type of event or any situation that arises. Instead, there are many people who are still looking for their best image.

Next, we are going to give you 4 specific keys to define and maintain a unique style to which you will be faithful forever. Just follow these tips to get a style of dress adapted to your personality.

You have to risk

The first key to dressing with your own style is to take risks. If we don’t bet, we don’t win. There is nothing better in this world than letting go and living in the moment. If we choose to be ourselves, although it may seem difficult to open our hearts, we are sure to be right.

Well, the same thing happens with fashion. Certainly it is like an adventure in which you have to take risks in order to obtain the expected results. If we dare to innovate, we will see what suits us and what does not.

There is no need to enter into comparisons

We are immersed in an era in which social networks have led us to analyze everything according to what others may think. This is somewhat alarming, since what we must find is our own identity without the need to seek acceptance in others.

In this case, dressing with style reflects on us how we are inside. It is something like the name, which shows a certain personal essence. Do not forget that only we ourselves can dress in a certain way. Therefore, we have to enjoy it.

What is imperfect can be perfect

Today, images are not only observed, but carefully studied. We are used to seeing posts on social networks where girls appear that arouse us a certain envy (always healthy, yes). Why? Well, either because they look firmly -and perhaps with such a peculiar urban style-, that luxury bag that we have always longed to have. Likewise if we talk about exclusive accessories or brand clothing.

We don’t care knowing that behind all this there is a great variety of tricks and habits that make us see ourselves trapped in those sensations. However, even so, we still think the same.

Style is like everything in this life, it is created on a daily basis through small details, through all kinds of tests and making mistakes on numerous occasions. There is no more mystery or a secret formula to dress with style. With all this we want to make you understand that what may work for a friend or family member may not work for us. And vice versa, of course.

You don’t have to think too much to get dressed with style

This may be one of the most important keys: we have to let ourselves go. Sometimes, studying a look too much can make it inauthentic and end up not liking it. Hence, individuality is essential in fashion.

It is best to follow your instincts. If you think that a plaid bag goes perfectly with a rock band t-shirt, well… that’s because it is! We recommend that you trust certain accessories from luxury brands, as these can make a difference.

In short, dressing well has very few rules imposed. Actually it is more self-knowledge that determines this aspect. You can follow all these tips and come up with your own unique style. Or adapt them to other already established trends. There is room for everything, but it is recommended that you take these keys into account.

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