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Gucci or Louis Vuitton: which is better?

Which brand is better, Louis Vuitton or Gucci? Find out now in this post from Estrena Tu Bolso where we will analyze the pros and cons between one brand and another so that you are sure to get your gift right.

To speak of Gucci or Louis Vuitton is to speak of luxury, glamor and distinction. Not for nothing are the two brands that preside over the luxury podium worldwide. Each one has its particular history, its own elements and its unique characteristics that make anyone distinguish them from each other in any part of the world.

Now that Valentine’s Day is here, you may be considering giving a bag to your partner. An authentic brand bag, a luxury to carry with you every day. If you are at that point where you are looking to compare brands, in Estrena Tu Bolso we bring you a comparative guide between the luxury brands Gucci and Louis Vuitton so that you can assess for yourself which one best suits the tastes of your partner on this special day.

Let’s get started!

What style does the Gucci brand have?

  • Gucci is the brand that best defines elegance and sophistication.
  • Since the new creative director, Alessandro Michelle, arrived at the firm, he has revolutionized the image of the classic retro-luxury mark of the 70s of his predecessor boss, Giadinni. She has focused on blurring gender boundaries in terms of clothing and accessories, offering more unisex lines, reaffirming the union between masculine and feminine.

gucci o louis vuitton

  • The lines are more classic, not so retro, but rather following a futuristic style. It is also designed so that the transgender public has its place.
  • One of Michelle’s most daring bets is also her commitment to the intellectual. She leaves aside the appearance with a marked sexual component and opts for a more refined, intelligent and subtle style. It is the fashion of leadership.
  • It is focused on a young, millennial audience, with a certain sense of aesthetics and a sober but suggestive style. In fact, according to Interbrand, 60% of the Gucci brand’s sales are by the Millennial Generation and an indisputable niche is being carved out among Generation Z.

What style does the Louis Vuitton brand have?

We anticipate that Louis Vuitton is currently considered the most valuable brand in the world, valued in 2020 at $31,720.

Apart from this, we will tell you some extra facts that you should know about the style of Louis Vuitton:

  • in his latest collection, he has made a commitment to the crafty or artisanal style, a possible nod to his more modest origins making handcrafted travel trunks (Empress Eugenia personally commissioned one from him).
  • The Monogram print on their bags is an absolute symbol of pure luxury. Giving a Louis Vuitton bag or accessory is not just anything, it is carrying an imperishable product, it is carrying a name and surname that have transcended history. It is not for nothing that it is a brand that many celebrities carry with them as a symbol of power and leadership.
  • their garments and their lines are more casual, betting on color, wide blouses and bags with a preference for the tote cut.

Gucci or Louis Vuitton?

gucci o louis vuitton

The answer is “it depends”.

In reality, each clothing brand is determined for an audience according to their values and style.

In the case of Gucci, you can see that it has a clear tendency to black, classic cuts, it does not bet much on color. On the other hand, Louis Vuitton has more shades, the cuts can be irregular and it is also committed to colors such as red or yellow.

Of course, both have one point in common: they are more appropriate for a young audience, Millennial type or generation Z.

As a final piece of information, we will tell you here the values ​​of both brands so that you can see which one fits best with that special person:

  • Louis Vuitton values innovation and creativity, being passionate and always aiming for the highest excellence in everything you do;
  • Gucci is romantic, classic, meticulous, combining timeless tradition with modernity.


Now that you know the values and style of both brands, which one is the best fit for your Valentine’s gift? At Estrena Tu Bolso we have all the bags from the best luxury brands on the market so you can be sure of the right choice when buying the perfect gift for Valentine’s Day.

Do not miss our catalog on our Estrena Tu Bolso website and surprise that special person with the best branded bag you can find.

And, if you need it, you can contact us so that we can offer you personalized advice on our catalog products. We will wait for you!

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