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What is a Clutch bag and when to wear it

When buying a bag, you not only have to think about its appearance: it is also necessary to choose it according to the occasion in which you are going to use it, do you want to know which one you can take to a party or meeting? In this article we tell you what a Clutch bag is and why it is an ideal option for any type of event.

What is a Clutch bag?

Bolso clutch en estrena tu bolso

Also known as a handbag, party bag or evening bag, it is a sophisticated and elegant item that is usually quite small in size, distinguishing itself for being a comfortable and very practical accessory to use.

As regards what a Clutch bag is, those of this type are used especially in those circumstances where it is only necessary that you carry with you few belongings such as a mobile phone, a small purse or keys. However, they can be worn for almost any type of occasion.

When should you wear a Clutch bag?

In relation to what a Clutch bag is, it should be noted that this is an accessory that can be used in different kinds of occasions in which you do not need to carry too many things with you since these designs do not have much space, but they will add the final touch to your outfit.

Some of the main circumstances in which you can add a Clutch bag to your look are:

Take it with you to every wedding

These types of events are more than perfect to show what it is to wear a Clutch bag well, since if something defines them, it is the personality and distinction that they can give to the wardrobe if party Clutch models are chosen with discreet and elegant designs that project your whole personality.

The ideal accessory to go out for a drink

In meetings and casual gatherings, these bags can be used to give a more sophisticated look to the clothes you wear. As for what a Clutch bag is, some models are usually made with decorative designs and details that will look great on those occasions that require a look that ranges between informal and elegant.

Ideal to eat with your group of friends

Whether it is a lunch or dinner, when attending these meetings where it is not usually necessary to carry many things, you can show what a Clutch bag is, since it is an ideal accessory because it is of a size Very comfortable and you can take everything you need with you.

Enjoy concerts and theater

The characteristics of a Clutch bag make it an excellent option to go to a show such as a concert or see a play. They will give you that touch of elegance that should not be missing in these contexts in which you generally should not carry many belongings and one of these accessories is enough to store them.

3 Clutch bags that set trends

There are different kinds of Clutch bags, from plain ones to those with much more colorful and cheerful designs. Thus, among some of the trends that reveal what a Clutch bag is, we can point out the following:

Clutch bags in metallic colors

bolso clutch metalizados en estrena tu bolso

As for what Clutch is in fashion, those in metallic colors are ideal for any time of the year, being perfect to contrast with a total black or white look.

Black Clutch Bags

They are perfect accessories for the winter season and can be considered a great alternative to wear when wearing skirts, jeans or nightwear, as this shade is very sophisticated.

Animal Print Clutch Bags

With regard to what a Clutch bag is, the Animal Print models are a true classic, with the black and white models that imitate crocodile skin standing out, since they combine with almost everything and can be used without problems both in the day as at night.

The Love Moschino Clutch bag model is perfect for parties and evening events because it can be used with a variety of suits and gala dresses, since its design and black color emanate a special elegance and charm.

On the other hand, the Gucci Dionysus Vinyl Clutch bag can be combined with different types of outfits, from the most informal to the most elegant, since it is a model that is very adaptable to different circumstances.

We hope that with this post you will be encouraged to take your Clutch bag to the next event or party you attend. So if we do not have one of these wonderful accessories, in our online store Estrena Tu Bolso. We have great models of Gucci bags, Carolina Herrera bags or Love Moschino bags. Take a look at our catalogues.

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