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How to know if a Michael Kors bag is original

A Michael Kors bag is the best accessory you can keep to give your outfit that extra edge, but there are many counterfeits on the market. Don’t be fooled! Today we are going to give you several tips on how to know if a Michael Kors bag is original. It has more details than you think. In this post we will review part by part of the components of a bag from the handles to its interior along with the infallible final test. Every time the imitations look more like the originals, but don’t be alarmed, together we will know how to know if a Michael Kors bag is original, it will surely work for other brands.

Michael Kors luxury brand

Bolsos Michael Kors auténticos y originales

This brand reflects American comfort since the 80’s with accessories, bags, clothing, jewelry and shoes. Their clothing lines do not abandon their motto of comfort, while still looking modern to create chic outfits from head to toe.

As a luxury garment, having the original will always be the best guarantee. Since, counterfeits tend to be damaged more easily. On the other hand, when you get an original product, it is much more durable.

For this reason, we will help you to have no doubts when asking yourself how to tell if a Michael Kors bag is original. Let’s not wait any longer!

▶ Seams

The way in which the bags are sewn denotes delicacy and quality at the same time. In that sense, they must be straight and uniform. No rebellious thread should escape out there. Keep this in mind when determining if a Michael Kors bag is original.Remember that every detail matters because that is what will give it its value. Like any luxury brand, it pays attention and covers the smallest details to guarantee the best.

▶ Front plate

If we want to get on the right path of how to know if a Michael Kors bag is original, the front plate is a fundamental element. It may seem minor because the fake would also have the name engraved on the front, but that badge on the front of each piece says Michael Kors in a straight line with a well-defined color that doesn’t fade over time.

If you have a hanging MK logo, this accessory is well defined with the letters together. Everything must denote disposition and that they are well embedded in the garment.

▶ The handles

Chains or leather straps are a decisive factor in differentiating an original Michael Kors. Although these can also be made up of a combination of chain and leather.

This type of material does not fade over time, that is, the chains do not lose that golden or silver tint and in the case of leather it is distinguished by smell and touch.

▶ Zipper and puller

Nothing more annoying than buying a bag and the zipper not working. It gets stuck closing or even breaks, that’s unthinkable if you buy an MK. If the seam is straight, not curved, we are on the right track as to how to know if a Michael Kors bag is original. Straight and well-defined seams always accompany the signature.

This is not the only feature to take into account, since the handle must have the name of the brand engraved aligned and written without any typing error in the inlay.

▶ Decorative Screws and Accessories

Details are the basis of any portfolio. Those accessories that adorn the MK wallet type buckles, rings, screws, hooks and closures have the particularity of having a weight as an ornament.

Also, they must maintain the same color if it is gold, they will all be gold, there cannot be a gold clasp on the outside with a silver hook, since that breaks the aesthetics of the piece. Just as the decorative screws have to be aligned in the right direction.

▶ Inside

The interior is resistant, that is, it is not that fabric that tears easily. Finding a resistant material is a good sign of how to know if a Michael Kors bag is original, since how many times do we not find something in our bag and it turns out that it is inside the lining because the piece broke.

Remember that there should be no loose threads. The seam must be well defined and the stamp inside with the name Michael Kors well placed. Every luxury brand has a stamp that differentiates it, as well as an internal engraving.

Final test of how to know without a Michael Kors bag is original

The litmus test to recognize that MK is the care card that comes when you purchase the piece. So, if you want that 100% sure proof of how to know if a Michael Kors bag is original, this primer should never be missing.

It will say Michael in capital letters and below it the brand name Michael Kors. In it you will find instructions to take care of your bag.

Benefits of acquiring an original Michael Kors bag

Once we know the details of how to know if a Michael Kors bag is original, we have a guaranteed path. A bag is an item that can last a lifetime and more if you take the necessary care.

There are multiple benefits that having an MK portfolio can generate:

  • They are durable.
  • 100% guaranteed quality.
  • Luxury accessory that does not go out of style
  • Price and value relationship.

For this reason, you should always keep in mind to buy in the original stores or in sites with a good reputation such as Estrena Tu Bolso.

Buy your bag in Estrena Tu Bolso

At Estrena Tu Bolso we offer the best accessories and complements in luxury brands. Michael Kors is just one of the many luxury brands that you can find in the online store, with just one click you can contact us on the website or social networks.

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The motto is to guarantee personalized and direct assistance in the face of any uncertainty when buying. We are waiting for you to give you the best accessories and luxury accessories!

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