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How to know if a Burberry bag is original

Currently, there is a significant number of imitations of luxury brands such as Burberry on the market. For this reason, in Estrena Tu Bolso we want to give you some key tips on how to know if a Burberry bag is original and how to acquire an original model.

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Burberry classic fashion


The British fashion house Burberry had its stellar appearance in 1856. In its beginnings, the firm was dedicated to manufacturing outerwear for soldiers, over time it managed to become a brand full of accessories, clothing and accessories, where they mainly stand out your luxury bags.

What characterizes your bags? Its classic color ranges that range between white, brown, black and red. As well as, its meticulous and recognized stripes of pictures.

Nowadays, it is not strange to see different celebrities carrying Burberry bags and even several of them have become the official image of the English brand. Some of the names that top that list are: Kate Moss, Victoria Beckham among others.

And that’s not all, as Queen Elizabeth II and the Prince of Wales named the brand their official royal supplier.

Would you like to wear a royal accessory? So, now more than ever it is important to respond to the premise of how to know if a Burberry bag is original, and thus add a classy piece to your collection.

Tips to know if Burberry bag is original

Next, we will present you with a series of basic and imperative tips on how to know if a Burberry bag is original. Don’t be fooled!

consejos para identificar un bolso burberry original

Quality materials

The first tip to verify the authenticity of a Burberry bag is in the quality of the materials, especially in the use of fabrics, since they are made with a stain-resistant vinyl coating.

A fake bag will be made with a very low quality fabric and imperfections in the composition of the fabric such as tears and porosity to the touch. On the other hand, a luxury Burberry bag is made with quality fabrics such as leather and silk, without contemplating any damage to its finish.

Authenticity stamp

How to know if a Burberry bag is original or not? Through its characteristic registered symbol, which brings a knight mounted on a horse.

Although forgers have tried their best to imitate this symbol, they are not entirely successful because the finishes on the seal are fine and sculpted with a skill that is almost impossible to imitate.

Print details

The printing of an original Burberry bag takes care of even the smallest detail in its source. In this way, you will notice that their impressions end up being uniform in all their accessories and complements, which does not happen in counterfeits.

For example, the zipper hardware is printed on each side with the Burberry name, while most imitations do not. Look at the details!

Label writing

Another staple on how to tell if a Burberry bag is genuine is found on the internal labels of the Burberry bag. These must be presented without errors, well defined, alluding to the Burberry London inscription on the front and the manufacturing origin on the back.

Accessories and Featured Items

The final test on how to tell if a Burberry bag is original focuses on the finish of certain accessories and highlights such as its well-known checkered stripes. If the latter are presented with crooked lines mixing the traditional colors of the British firm, let me tell you that you are facing a real fraud.

Also, the edges of leather or fabric require a rigorous rivet and above all resistant to touch. No luxury Burberry bag is going to be damaged that easily.

Why choose a Burberry bag?


Today, we can guarantee that a bag or any article of the Burberry brand continues to have a denotative relevance within the wide universe of fashion. It is no coincidence that several stylists, celebrities and designers actively use or recommend this firm.

Despite having more than 160 years in the changing universe of fashion, acquiring a piece from the British brand Burberry means giving your collection a touch of class and quality, thus managing to combine it with different looks. And that is the main mission that we have in Estrena Tu Bolso.

From our online stock you can find an important variety of accessories, bags and shoes from recognized brands such as Burberry, Gucci or Carolina Herrera among others.

If you need advice to get a bag or any other accessory, do not hesitate to visit us on our website. We will be delighted to give you personalized attention.

Affordable luxury at your fingertips!

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