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Tips for dressing according to your body

Discover how to make the most of your figure with these 7 tips to dress well according to your woman’s body and shine with your own light.

To begin with, we want to point out that the concept of “dressing well” is a bit dangerous. The reason is that for everyone, “dressing well” means something different. Asking this question to a hippie or rocker person is not the same as asking a person who likes patterns and bright colors.

In addition, trends change every year and with them our way of seeing fashion. What used to be the latest is now seen as old-fashioned, or vice versa, what was previously obsolete is suddenly back on everyone’s lips.

That is why we want you to be clear that above all what matters most is that you look good and comfortable with yourself. Thus, it will not matter what you wear, as long as you wear it with confidence and security.

Now, if you already want to reach the expert level in taking advantage of your way of dressing, stay and we will teach you tips and advice to dress according to the shape of your body. You will look like a star!

como vestir bien según cuerpo

What type of body do you have?

It will not surprise you to learn that every woman has a different body type. Some have a type of silhouette and others have other highlighted virtues, and all are equally beautiful!

To give you an idea, we will put here the most frequent body types in women:

Triangle shaped body silhouette

This silhouette, in turn, can be divided into two:

  • Regular triangle
  • Inverted triangle

The normal triangle shape stands out for having wide hips and rather narrow shoulders. Its strong points are a marked waist and rounded shapes tending towards voluptuousness.

What can you do to dress well with a triangle silhouette?

  • Avoid at all costs bright colors in the lower part (pants, skirts, etc.).
  • Opt for brighter colors at the top to enhance your shoulders.
  • Necklines are a good bet if you have a generous bust;
  • The high waist in pants and skirts will be your great ally to define and refine your waist.

The shape of the inverted triangle is precisely the opposite: it stands out for having wide shoulders and very narrow hips.

What can you do to dress well with an inverted triangle silhouette?

  • The bright colors this time will play in your favor at the bottom;
  • Opt for flowing and loose skirts to give more life to your hips;
  • Do not wear high waist, instead opt for medium or low sizes to simulate greater waist and hip volume.

Rectangular shaped silhouette

It is a body shape characterized by almost straight lines, where shoulders or hips barely stand out. One of the great advantages of this type of figure is that you can highlight any part, be it the upper or the lower.

For it:

  • opt for dresses that have a princess or bateau neckline;
  • the shoulder pads are a clear hit if you like to wear jackets;
  • do not add very ornate accessories, opt for jewelry or simple accessories.

como vestir bien según cuerpo

Apple Shaped Body Silhouette

It is also often referred to as a round shape and is common in women with volume in the abdomen.

What kind of clothes can you wear if you have an apple shape?

  • avoid anything that tightens your central area, such as belts. Failing that, draw attention to your upper area with scarves or hats.
  • V-necklines are very flattering for this body type;
  • it is advisable to take advantage of your extremities, especially your legs. Wear them whenever you can.

Hourglass silhouette

This is probably the most envied shape among women, since there is a balance between shoulders and hips. Even so, it does not mean that we have to pay attention to the clothes we choose.

How to dress well with an hourglass-shaped body?

  • Actually, it’s easy: just choose one of the two parts you want to highlight. Of course, a differentiating element can be the size of your bust. Pay attention to the necklines, which are not very pronounced, and opt for straight lines.
  • take advantage and highlight your waist without hesitation: all belts are welcome;
  • trench coats and long coats with a pronounced waist are definitely a great weapon for this body type. Also high waists.

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