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The 7 most famous luxury bag brands

Do you want to know which are the 7 most famous luxury handbag brands? Discover now in our post the names of the most famous brands that are on the glamor podium.

marcas bolsos lujo famosas

When we talk about luxury, surely more than one name comes to mind, whatever the field. For example, in technology we can all think of Apple or Samsung, in cars perhaps Audi or Mercedes, and in cosmetics names like Shiseido or Lancome clearly resonate.

In this case, if we now ask you which are the most famous luxury brands in bags, surely you have already thought of a couple of names. In Estrena Tu Bolso we are going to give you up to 7 luxury bag brand names so you can choose among the best for that special gift.

Shall we start?

1. Carolina Herrera: the most classic and feminine luxury bags

The Venezuelan designer is an essential among the most prestigious luxury brands, and it is not for less. Her career in the world of fashion has led her to be one of those chosen when it comes to dressing great actresses such as Renée Zellweger or characters of the stature of Jacqueline Kennedy.

Her indisputable talent makes her a benchmark around the classic feminine icon, with marked stylized lines and a commitment to discreet yet unmistakable designs. She shows that the feminine does not have to be linked to the opulent, but to the stylized, with authority and distinction.

2. Gucci and its 100 years of history

marcas bolsos lujo famosas

If there is something that characterizes the Gucci house, it is its turbulent history full of intrigues, power struggles and all kinds of elements that have even led Ridley Scott to direct the famous House of Gucci movie, released on November 26, 2021.

And it is not for less, the firm has come to break the Guinness record with the most expensive jeans in history: 3,134 dollars was its price. What began as a leather craft store became an empire that today we can enjoy with exclusive bags in bright colors and a clear reference in retro proposals.

3. Versace, a symbol of exuberance and provocation

It can be said that Versace is another of the veteran brands in the world of fashion. Since the eighties, it has set a trend among Hollywood stars and, above all, in the musical environment. It has loyal fans like Eric Clapton, Cher, Madonna, Duran Duran or Elton John.

Its current director, Donatella Versace, sister of the founder Gianni Versace, is the one who now takes the reins of the brand, following the trend of the most provocative and sensual lines.

4. Prada bets on simple and functional luxury bags

The Italian brand was founded by Mario Prada and began its adventure in Milan, where it made one product stand out from the rest: its suitcases.

marcas bolsos lujo famosas

So much so that it soon found a niche in the European and American markets, diversifying its offer with luxury handbags and water-resistant hand accessories. Its high price and top quality materials marked its exclusivity from the beginning, making it clear that the Prada brand is not suitable for any pocket.

As a note, in the 1990s it launched its line of Miu Miu products, with more accessible fashion bags and accessories for a younger audience.

5. Tous: the most affordable luxury brand

One of the premises of Rosa Oriol, the wife of Salvador Tous, founder of the Tous brand, is that luxury and accessibility did not have to be disparate. All women have the right to be able to wear a luxury jewel without making an excessive sacrifice to their pockets.

This is the main reason why the brand has always wanted to be a benchmark in terms of accessibility and femininity, giving special importance to craftsmanship and tenderness, embodied in each teddy bear that the brand places in each and every one of its handbags. luxury and accessories.

6. Burberry

If you have thought about this brand, the first iconic image that will come to mind is Kate Moss, the great representative of the firm who has posed for them the most times. Her marked English style has been her hallmark since the beginning.

Burberry stood out mainly for its trench coats, the coats used by English officers to protect themselves from inclement weather. Today it is much more diversified, presenting accessories such as cashmere scarves and, of course, exclusive brand bags.

7. Louis Vuitton: the luxury brand of emperors

marcas bolsos lujo famosas

We come to the end of this list with the most imitated luxury brand of all time. Since 1837, Louis Vuitton has gifted us with luxury and quality, beginning as the personal porter of Emperor Napoleon III.

We are facing the most exclusive and influential brand in the world, with such zeal for its value proposition that it never offers sales or exclusive discounts so that the brand is not considered to lose its prestige. Not for nothing does it have one of the most rigorous and demanding production processes on the market, subjecting its products to all kinds of tests in order to demonstrate their quality.

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