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Shoulder bag – Characteristics and examples

Crossbody bags can be an excellent option for those who want to have in their hands an accessory that they can use in any situation of daily life without giving up something that is so important to many: elegance. If you are thinking of buying one of this type, do not miss this post in which we tell you what the main characteristics of the shoulder bag are.

Bolsos bandoleras, Usos y formas de llevarlo

When to wear a shoulder bag?

Crossbody bags were very fashionable in the 70s, when the hippie movement was in vogue. These are ideal to wear with any type of look, since they can be used both for walks around the city, as well as for those nights out that deserve a touch of elegance.

They are also perfect for going on a trip, since everything we need fits in them: passport, tickets, wallet, telephone, a small toiletry bag or a notebook that we want to have close at hand.

A camel-colored bag will go perfectly with boots, a sweater and natural slim jeans, while, in summer or spring, those in red tones will look great, even the most intense ones.

You can create rock or ethnic looks with bags that have fringes, while, to look elegant, use a bright color with velvet and even go for those with sequins or studs will be great options. Also, to create an elegant and classic look, the ideal accessory is a silver bag.

These bags can be worn creating your own style. In this way they provide a sophisticated touch that makes any kind of design elegant. They can also be used by holding the bag by the chain.

Features of the shoulder bag

Crossbody bags have always been a classic and one of our favourites, as they are always a safe bet. Do you know all the characteristics that define it? Among all, we can highlight the following:

1. It has a long strap

Among the characteristics of the shoulder bag, perhaps the one that highlights your personality the most is that they have a long strap that allows you to hang them from your shoulders in a comfortable way or use them crossed without being a hindrance.

2. A very functional design

If there is something to mention among the characteristics of the shoulder bag, it is that they are very comfortable since they allow us to carry essential objects such as a mobile phone, wallet or keys. These have different sizes, and even shapes.

3. They are of versatile designs

One of the main characteristics of the shoulder bag is that they come with infinite designs that usually allow space to be organized more efficiently. There are even models that have several compartments inside that allow you to place the various items that will be carried more neatly.

You can find shoulder bags with rectangular, square shapes, or even with rounded edges, among others. These can be in very colorful and vivid tones, as well as some designs with sober colors, which are ideal to use for work or formal meetings. They also have details such as the use of velvet or fringes.

4. They are elegant, but adaptable to any type of situation

Among the characteristics of a shoulder bag, it should also be noted that they are very elegant regardless of their size, and can also provide a touch of casualness and elegance with which a woman of any age will look spectacular.

It will become the central piece that unifies your entire look, whether you are going for a walk around your neighborhood or going out for a drink with your group of friends. It is a type of bag that combines practically with any style.

5. They are comfortable

Comfort is one of the characteristics of shoulder bags that most distinguishes them, because they only have to be hung from the shoulder when used, which is the reason why they are called “shoulder bags” in English. The best thing in this regard is that they will not hurt our backs as they can distribute the weight well thanks to its long strap.

Types of shoulder bags

Bandoleras, formas de llevarlas, funciones y usos

If there is one thing that characterizes shoulder bags, it is that these designs can range from the most informal to those that are more glamorous, so it is always possible to have them as the best ace up your sleeve when it comes to fashion accessories.

Some of the main types of shoulder bags are as follows:

Hip straps

Among the characteristics of the shoulder bag of this class, it should be noted that these have long straps that cross or allow them to be carried over the shoulder.

Crossbody bags

The characteristics of the mini shoulder bag are its different kinds of designs, since there are some from informal to others that are quite elegant.

These shoulder bags are perfect for going out for a walk if you don’t need to carry many things, such as your mobile phone and wallet. You can have the essentials and be ready in a second to go anywhere without having to worry about anything else.

Leather shoulder bag

Elegance is one of the most significant characteristics of the leather shoulder bag, since it will give your outfits a distinctive touch. Therefore, these have the advantage of matching with many kinds of outfits.

Shoulder bag for the night

These types of shoulder bags are the most modern and elegant. They tend to be decorated with chains, jewelery and sequins and are often based on classic colors that will go with any evening outfit and will make the wearer look quite radiant.

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