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How to store bags so they don’t get damaged?

Bags are a special accessory that many people keep in their collection with great care to prevent them from being damaged over time. If you take good care of this type of garment, it can last a long time, and that is the objective that we propose in this post, to explain how to store the bags so that they do not get damaged. Are you interested?

In Estrena Tu Bolso we want to provide you, in addition to accessories and luxury bags, the best tips with which you can carefully store all the bags and clothes in your collection. Extend the useful life of your favorite accessory by learning how to store bags so they don’t get damaged.

Guardar tus bolsos de marca en el armario

8 practical ideas to store bags so they don’t get damaged

To keep the bags you need to take into account not only the place where you are going to place it, but also the size and material of each one. It is essential that when storing your bags you organize them proportionally and avoid piling up that can deteriorate their condition. There are a number of effective ways to keep bags neat in and out of the closet.

Let’s see, next, how to store the bags so they don’t get damaged and save a little space in your clothing collection.

1. Hang the bags in the closet

If you don’t have enough space on your shelves in the closet, but you have a place on the clothes hangers, then you can hang the bags. As if it were just another piece of clothing, we suggest you store your bags on the bars of your closet with special and resistant hangers.

These will be safely preserved, in addition to being well organized and within reach so that you will not have problems getting your favorite bag.

2. Space behind the door

If you ask us one of the most common alternatives on how to store bags so they don’t get damaged, it’s much closer than you think. And no, we are referring to using the nightstand, but to that space that is behind the door and is usually wasted.

To take advantage of that space and keep your bags, you need to have a special hanger behind the door where you can store them in an organized way and always have them at your disposal.

guarda tus bolsos detrás de la puerta

3. Organize your shelves

In the event that, if you have shelves to store your handbags, do not think twice and distribute your collection in an organized way. If you have a deep, but not wide, shelf, then we suggest arranging the bags by size and proportion. In such a way that the largest backpack type are at the bottom and the envelopes in front.

And if, on the other hand, you have a wide shelf, but not a deep one, try to manage the space carefully so as not to pile up the bags.

4. Handbag display

Bags are one of the most pampered parts of a collection, so an original and safe way to preserve bags can be by placing them on a wall as if they were a work of art.

You can use a hanger where you can place your different bags. Thanks to this trick you will get a luxury boutique organization. That empty wall in your house can become a unique decorative space.

5. Use boxes to store them

A safe alternative for how to store bags so they don’t get damaged is to buy boxes at a decoration store. Of course, you should pay close attention to the material you use to store, since many of these cubicles are made of plastic, wood, wicker or even wood.

Depending on the material with which your bag is made, it may not be well preserved in certain places. For example, a luxury leather bag like Bimba y Lola’s needs to be stored in a cubbyhole where the leather can breathe. Individual cubbies are a safe way to organize bags by specific sizes, materials, brands, and shapes.

6. Dynamic furniture

How to store bags so they don’t get damaged? Another useful option is to obtain quality furniture that from now on will only serve to store your most special accessories.

For example, you can organize your collection of handbags by brand, size and shape inside a dresser or cabinet with drawers, which is integrated as part of the decoration of the space.

7. Create custom furniture

One of the most effective ways in which you can store your bags without damaging them is by creating your own custom wardrobe. If you have the opportunity to spend a little time on this craft, do not hesitate to do so. In such a way that you can devise different hangers, shelves and dividers in which you can put the bags that you have in your collection, which usually have various shapes and sizes.

In this way, you will be able to optimize the space correctly. In addition, a custom piece of furniture allows you to maintain an organization in such a way that you will know where your Louis Vuitton shopping bag or your Clutch from any other brand is.

mantener tus bolsos en perfecto estado durante mucho tiempo

Which idea best suits your needs?

To opt for one of these ideas, you first need to think about factors such as the proportion of the space, your personal tastes and, of course, the needs that the bags present in your wardrobe. We are sure that through these practical ideas on how to store your bags so that they do not get damaged, you will achieve a style tailored to your needs in terms of tastes and spaces.

If this type of information is of interest to you, at Estrena Tu Bolso we want to provide you with quality advice so that you can use, combine and preserve your bags and garments correctly. And if you need to add any other accessory to your collection, be sure to visit our website where you will find the most chic luxury brands in the world of fashion.

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