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5 tips to differentiate counterfeits from authentic bags

Counterfeits of luxury goods have been around for much of handbag history and seek to recreate a certain aesthetic. However, these types of fakes leave quality and craftsmanship by the wayside. Thus, many manufacturers distribute copies that may seem original, but that constitute a scam to the consumer. When buying a good branded bag, it is important to be careful with counterfeits. You can find them in different types of stores and if you don’t have the right weapons it’s easy for you to be scammed without realizing it. But don’t worry, it’s actually quite simple to tell a fake from a real bag. ASometimes these types of products can be found in physical and online stores that we distrust. We are going to see 5 ideas that you should take into account when detecting fake luxury bags.

5 tips for spotting fakes

Pay attention to these tips so you don’t get ripped off when buying an authentic branded bag:

Pay attention to the inside seams

Quality is what differentiates fakes from original brand bags. It may seem like a subjective criterion, but we are going to demonstrate how it can be verified. Start by checking the bag inside, checking the seams that join the different parts. Authentic bags are carefully made, with double stitching and closed cuffs to prevent fraying. Many have already discovered that this is the trick to distinguishing a real Louis Vuitton from its counterfeit. The inside trim of counterfeit products is deficient, at the level of a low or medium-low category bag. Instead, an original Louis Vuitton denotes a very different and higher level in terms of quality.

The logo, very easy to compare

Manufacturers of fake products have come a long way in imitating logos, there is no doubt about that. They use machines that can more or less accurately recreate the shape or design. However, when it comes to practical application, it loses a lot, especially in person. For a haute couture brand, each model is special and a piece of craftsmanship. However, for the counterfeiters, these are fake bags that they manufacture in a chain, without paying attention to the details. This causes their logos to have unremoved threads, simple bag zipper seams, poor quality metals, and other related issues. Carolina Herrera counterfeit bags often include a C and an H made of sheet metal with a light coating of gold paint. It is a low-quality material that gradually loses its golden appearance, in contrast to authentic Carolina Herrera bags.

Additional accessories

Real products often include extra accessories and customization items. We speak, for example, of the chain of the bag to carry it hanging from the shoulder. They also sometimes include small matching purses, bags, refills and other details that denote the care of the brand towards its customers. In counterfeit products you will not see any of these extra elements. Manufacturers only seek to make a model that looks like the original from afar. However, it does not include any of the benefits and gifts that come with official products.

Fabric quality

It is one of the oldest forms of identification of a fake garment or accessory. Counterfeit luxury bags are similar in design, seeking to give the same impression and copy the pattern or colour. However, the difference between the price of one and the other is also in the quality. This difference is abysmal and can sometimes be verified by touch itself. Counterfeit products use poor quality fabrics to save costs. The stamping and pattern they use contains inaccuracies that can be detected by the customer. However, if you are interested in a product, it is recommended that you inform yourself about it and see images. You will be able to compare these photographs with the product that you suspect may be counterfeit.

Check labels

It is becoming more and more common for manufacturers to introduce different elements so that the consumer knows that they have an authentic product. One of the essential pieces to detect brand counterfeits is the authentication label. Probably many will think that today technology has managed to replicate many types of labels, so this is no longer so significant. However, contrary to what you think, many fashion brands incorporate different elements in the label that only they know how to do. They may appear to be convoluted items that counterfeiters ignore. For example, a barcode, a QR code or some identifying number of the product in question. These manufacturers put at the consumer’s hand different platforms where they can check it. Sometimes just scanning the product is enough. The bad thing is that not all brands have incorporated this technology yet. At Estrena tu Bolso you have the guarantee of acquiring original, authentic and quality bags from the best luxury brands. We want to be part of your wardrobe. Will you open your doors for us?

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